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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Embrace Change if you want Predictability..

Isn’t something wrong with the title? Sounds like oxymoron, right??
Allow me to explain…

You could be having any kind of business, may it be a Fortune-100 organization or a sole-entrepreneur working out of a garage, you would certainly be striving for YoY (year on year) growth of your top line, bottom line, market share , delivery fulfillment (reduced cycle time), customer satisfaction and so on and so forth. In fact, you would like to predict the revenue, profit margin, market share, fund-flow customer satisfaction, headcount, attrition & want to achieve it. Basically, you want a ‘Predictability’ in the business, something which should be run on auto-pilot mode. Right?

But this predictability doesn’t come on its own. To make it happen in the medium term (and or long term), you may have to do some lateral thinking, unbox the innovation, disrupt/challenge the established thought-process, challenge the current system, may it be in the form of changing your product mix/BoM/recipe, changing your distribution channels, dropping some laggard products (or even winding up some businesses) or going for aggressive acquisitions. On the other hand, ‘Love thy customer’ & ‘love the technology’, will never go out of fashion. Rather than loving technology purely from technology per se, if you love technology as an enabler of change (read, opportunity for new business), you’re bound to increase your business exponentially. And more importantly, we cannot sit on our laurels for long but we have to view the process of innovation/change on a continuous basis. The oft-quoted cliché ‘Change is the only constant’ is valid very much!

In short, be ready to initiate, accept, assimilate, embrace and propagate the change internally (& continually) to ensure PREDICTABILITY, which will sound like music to the ears of your most important external stakeholders, i.e. customers, analysts & investors!


  1. Very well said, Prashant - Nitin Padalkar

  2. Excellent Prashant. Love the technology to get love back. . This is great message to all IT technology companies which are loosing business..

  3. Focussed brief to decode the Predictability. Simple and Clear.

  4. Focussed brief to decode the Predictability. Simple and Clear.