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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Selling 101..(but not Zig Ziglar!)


You’re in the most critical business function of organization and that is “SELLING”!
Let’s face it, unless you bring in revenue, all other things will come to a grinding halt!
You’re going to make (break is not the option) it to a stupendous success!
So be immensely proud of yourself!!!

And don’t be tense too..

Because we all have done some selling, many a times, even inadvertently, right from the childhood. (Remember how you convinced your Papa for buying that glitzy bike as your birthday gift :-?)

And you know what, selling hasn’t changed a bit. No matter what tons of tomes say about all those changing paradigms and blah, blah! After all, it is just the inter-personal relationship stupid..!!

How quickly you can strike a chord with a total stranger, determines how quickly you can convert a prospect into a customer. It also separates the men from the boys in the challenging selling field!!!

And in today’s always-connected, so-shrunk world, there are no strangers. Utilize social media wisely before you meet a prospect. Search on Google/Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter & you’re bound to know the softer side of that person, his/her hobbies, interest, passion, something which you need to bring into your conversation seamlessly & you will see the glint in his eyes! Gotcha!!

I remember my B-school’s dean’s famous saying here, “You should be able to talk to your CEO’s wife for 5 minutes”.. Think over it. What it means is, you should be so well-read & articulate that you’re able to hold the attention span of CEO’s wife, without sounding timid or currying for some favor or flirting!

If you can make the other person comfortable with your demeanor & communication, you have almost won the battle!  Mindshare to wallet-share comes next..!! 


  1. From your writeup I remembered old saying about Mumbai, a city where dreams are sold...

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  3. It's very good informative. Thank you for sharing Prashanth.

  4. Good one Prashant, however every individual adds spice to their selling and that's what makes the difference most of the time.

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