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Friday, March 23, 2018

Management Bytes (2)

I distinctly remember the incidence. I was talking to my senior colleague (say John, to avoid any guesswork) who seemed to be quite agitated. When I asked him the reason, he told me, “Prashant, I’m quite fed up with this ever-ringing mobile phone.  Last Sunday evening, I was about to start my dinner with family & the damn phone rang. It was someone from our office..!”

Being a close friend, I took the liberty to tell him, “But John, look at the positive side.  Someone is having some serious issue at work/project, s/he sincerely believes that you can solve the problem and or guide properly & so is calling you even after office-hours. You're so much needed! Doesn’t this make you feel good instead of thinking it as a nuisance?” John didn’t respond but I could be see he was thinking in a new light.

Yes, most of us with 20+ years of real work (read, grind!) become go-to persons / trouble-shooters / problem-solvers in organizations.  And yes, we do get occasional phone calls after office-hours, on weekends/holidays and even when we’re on vacation.  Right?

But if you’re getting too many phone calls from your team, it also could be because you have not delegated enough, not mentored your team, or they’re not empowered for decision-making.

The other extreme end of this situation is when you’re not getting any calls.  In that case either you’ve built the team so well (with the right delegation/empowerment mix) that nobody senses your absence OR nobody thinks you could solve any problem so they stop calling you!

In either case, start hunting for a new job, mate!

It is tricky, ain’t it?


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