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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bad Boss? …Blessing in disguise!

I won’t go defining a bad boss here because each one of you would remember at least one name (rather, face!) once the words ‘bad boss’ are heard! Right :-?
But how many of you would look at the positive side of it?

Well, most of us would agree on one thing for sure. And that is, a bad boss, somehow, would always keep you on your toes, would ensure you’re never in the comfort zone!  Isn’t that a good thing? Your survival instincts (or, your hurt ego) would make you learn new things, shoulder bigger responsibilities, to prove your mettle. Parallely, you would also be looking out for opportunities.

And in either case, you indeed learn a thing or two, might be embracing a different/bigger role in a new organization & all this because you were not complacent, you were not in the safe/comfort zone in the first place!  Won’t you be thankful to him:-?

My own personal experience echoes same thing.  It was my first job (after engineering graduation) in a manufacturing company. My manager was a great human-being & I used to like working with him. One fine day, he was transferred and came in another manager, who somehow made my life miserable almost from day one. The ‘well-ensconced’ me was shaken out from my comfort zone & I began thinking of ways, options to tackle this. It led to my aspiration of doing post-graduation & which in the hind-sight seemed to have done wonders to my career!

So guys (& girls), don’t curse your stars for a bad boss.

It could be a blessing in disguise!!


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